#01 on Floatation / Floater Magazine suggests an inventory of floatation mechanisms within architecture; Without Stability, Without Foundation / Flip is an ocean research platform that capsizes in order to maintain its stability. Yannikos Vassiloulis presents the mechanism of this paradoxical stability / Armin Linke’s images of astronauts and divers project the realities of a utopian body equipped with prosthetics that provide the ability to exist in conditions of No Gravitation / Wave Garden by Yusuke Obuchi and Meduseabloo by b. are performative, highly intelligent environments capable of collecting and administrating data / In 1968, Takis invented Oscillation of the Sea; a device that translates the motion of the sea surface into kinetic energy / Dimitris Antonakakis describes the chronicle of an unusual project commissioned to Atelier66; redesigning the cruiser Libra Y the parameters of instability and non foundation demarcate a new territory for the architect / Louisa Adam explores architectural strategies and practices within contemporary cultural concerns, commenting on OMA’s Harbour of Ideas / Nikos Navridis cooperated with floater magazine for the production of a digital representation of his recent show Tomorrow will be a Wonderful Day... / Evi Sougara's interactive animation is based on J. Swift's Laputa; a mythical island from the novel Gulliver's Travels / Takis Zenetos’ Electronic Urban Planning Utopia is negotiated in juxtaposition with Maurizio Cattelan’s installation Mise-en-Scene. Nikos Tsimas declares floatation experiences as parameters that can provoke feelings of Pleasure and Awe / Micro-organisations, by Elysa Lozano, reflects the socio-political realities of Sealand's micronation, where the artist explores the potential of registering and developing a not for profit organization / in Floating and Sinking in Psychoanalysis Nikos Sideris analyses the mechanisms of floating and sinking in relation to both psychic structure and spatiality / Giorgos Lagoudakis suggests legal aspects of Floating Territories presenting specific archival cases along with the relative legal texts.

Floater #01 edited by Yannis Arvanitis, Elina Axioti, Yannis Papayannakis, Evi Sougara, Eleni Spiridaki, Yannikos Vassiloulis / Fall 2008.
Tomorrow will be a Wonderful Day...
Nikos Navridis

On Thursday 10 April 2008 the Bernier-Eliades Gallery hosted the opening of the second solo exhibition Greek artist Nikos Navridis, entitled: Tomorrow will be a Wonderful Day...

Although particularly well known for the large-scale video installations he has shown over the past few years, with this new work, drawings and an installation in the gallery space, Navridis returns to the primary value of artistic discourse: the process of drawing.

In this exhibition, Navridis continues the investigation he commenced several years ago, with large groups of drawings on the boundaries and terms set by the act of drawing. In his new work, the artist investigates the possibilities of drawing by questioning the medium's narrative nature. A sum total of lines, shapes, architectural elements, organic forms, natural motifs, mechanical limbs, in some way unfolds stories that can be followed, even though they may be hard to describe. The process of working on these pieces juxtaposes and layers various sources and references.

It activates memories and follows routes that progress from drawings by Antonio Gaudi to anatomical impressions by Bourgery and Jacob, from early seventies San Francisco psychedelia to the Cybertron Transformers, and to the experimental drawings of 'systems in crisis' and the artificial landscapes of Lebbeus Woods. The results are chaotic, labyrinthian, attractive, redeeming.

As the artist says: '...these drawings are texts, forms and lines, which as they unfold are linked to our every day experience; they are notes on the next story, stage directions so that I can define reality. The idea to follow a line as that diffuses through life can easily take you forward or backwards. On the other hand, it certainly obliges you to choose and this definitely reflects on who you are. What will be retained, absorbed or rejected is a decision to be made by the viewer and this is what I'm seeking for.'

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Images and video:
Courtesy Bernier Eliades Gallery, Athens - Nikos Navridis
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Eleni Spiridaki

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